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Voyager Academy


Voyager Athletics

Voyager Academy

Voyager Athletics

Voyager Academy

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Voyager player rises to dunk 


VAHS baller drives down court 


VA big man prepares to posterize 


Voyager player fires jumper 


Viking strokes it at the line 


Voyager Cheerleaders pose 


VAHS Cheerleaders in formation 


VAHS Cheerleader with statue 


VAHS B-baller fires jumper 


Lady Viking ready to "Stop & Pop" 


Voyager Vikings with layup 


Lady Vikings point guard runs offense 


Lady Vikings with free throw 


Voyager JV baller scores in lane 


VA JV player at line - Count it! 


VAHS JV wing shoots 3-ball 


Voyager JV B-baller owns rebound 


VAHS JV lockdown defense 


VA Soccer player ready to attack 


VA Soccer player full steam ahead 


Voyager Soccer player w/ kick 


VAHS Soccer player drives 


Voyager Soccer player makes move 


VAHS Soccer player looks to score 


Voyager goalie makes save 


Voyager Soccer players w/ congrats 


VAHS Soccer players w/ Coach 


VAHS V-ball team celebrate 


Voyager volleyball player airborne 


VAHS V-ball player w/ set  


VA volleyball player w/ block 


Voyager V-baller w/ hustle save 


VAHS volleyball player w/ dig 


Voyager V-baller on attack 


Voyager volleyball team in huddle 


VA Runner in stride at XC Meet 


Voyager Volleyball player skies 


VAHS Basketball player with dunk 


VAHS Pitcher delivers strike 


Voyager Soccer player drives 


VAHS Wrestler pins opponent 


Voyager Cheerleaders V form 


VAHS Lacrosse Player on Attack 


Voyager Soccer Player w/ drive 


VAHS Swimmer with backstroke 


VA players serve winners  


Lady Viking ready at plate 


VA Golfers know how to drive 


VA Volleyball player serves 


VAHS Runners at County Stadium 


VAHS Volleyball player on attack  


VA students V-ball team fans  


Voyager V-ballers "Game On"  


Voyager Volleyball Players ready 


Voyager fans applaud team 


VAHS JV volleyball team ready 


VA Coach views JV team in action 


VA JV volleyball sportsmanship  


Voyager Soccer players hustles 


Voyager Soccer Goalie with save 


Voyager Soccer player kicks 


VA Soccer Coach talks to team 


VA Cross Country Runners roll 


VAHS XC Runners set pace 


VA Cross Country Runner Ahead 


VA XC Runners at NC Regionals 


VA shine at State Championships 


VAHS Wrestler ready to attack 


VAHS Wrestler in action 


VA Lacrosse Players congrat 


Voyager LAX Goalie w/ ball 


VA B-ball player shoots free throw 


Voyager basketball player scores 


VAHS B-baller with 3-pointer 


VA fans celebrate champs  


VAHS B-baller with pre-game fun 


Vikings Varsity pre-game action 


VA b-baller strokes 3-pointer 


VAHS Cheerleaders in flight 


VAHS Cheerleaders all smiles 


VAHS Cheerleaders show spirit 


VAHS JV B-baller leads fast break 


VAHS JV B-ball player with jumper 


VAHS JV baller makes pass 


VA JV baller makes free throw 


VA JV b-ball player runs offense 


Lady Viking buries corner 3-ball  


VAHS Womens player pass in paint 


VAHS Swimmers dual in relay 


VAHS Swimmer freestyles 


VAHS Swimmer strokes to lead 


VAHS Swim Team with Coaches 


VAHS Runner slides home 


Voyager batter swings 


VA Batter ready at plate 


VAHS Softball Team Pre-Game Fun 


VA Pitcher set to bring heater 


VAHS Softball Team in field 


VAHS teams "All business" 


Viking Soccer Player w/ moves 


VAHS Soccer Player w/ Score 


VA Women Soccer Team after Win  


VA Soccer Team Glow @ Playoffs 


VAHS Track Sprinter in 100M 


VA Track Runner pushes to Finish 


VAHS teams bring home Medals 


Track Runners at State Regionals 


VA Wrestling team win trophies 


Voyager teams celebrate in Gold 


VAHS teams bring "Winning" spirit 


VAHS groom winners 


VAHS breed Champions 


VAHS "Where Champions Live" 


Voyager Academy improved to 9-3 on the season as they held visiting Durham School of the Arts to 12 points in the second quarter while scoring 23 of their own.  The Vikings led 44-26 at halftime ...

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Voyager Academy won Thursday's home conference game against Franklin Academy by a score of 47-42. The Lady Vikings caught fire early vaulting to a 24-9 lead by end of the first quarter....

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Voyager Academy defeated visiting Franklin Academy 91-58, improving to 8-3 on the season and 2-0 in the NCAC.  It was the fifth straight win for the Vikings, who got off to a strong start in...

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Voyager Academy won Wednesday's home non-conference game against Southern High School by a score of 88-71. Voyager trailed 10-9 at the end of a low-scoring first quarter, then scored 1...

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Voyager Academy basketball team found the mark  while hosting visitors from "Down Under" shooting 48% from the field on Monday as the Vikings defeated the Australian National Team by a ...

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Voyager Academy defeated visiting Franklinton High School 71-45 in a home non-conference game on Thursday night.  Led by Blake Buchanan's 18 points and Michael Boadu's 16 ...

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Voyager Vikings Women's Basketball Team captured their first win of the season with balanced scoring and smothering defense to defeat Falls Lake Academy by a score of 38-33 in front of a cheering ...

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Voyager Academy opened NCAC play with a 69-32 victory over visiting Falls Lake Academy, ending a 3 game losing streak.  The Vikings jumped out to a 19-2 lead at the end of the fi...

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Voyager Vikings made the short trip to Northern High School to take on the Knights.  After falling behind 23-10 in the first quarter Voyager matched Northern's scoring but the Vikings were un...

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